Patient Success Stories

View a former patient of Mexico Bariatric Center as they share their story and answer questions.

Calgary Patient Success Stories

This took place in Calgary, Alberta located in Canada on 7/22/2017 when CEO Ron Elli and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela shared all about bariatric surgery.

Read the Success Story of Holly, Who Underwent Gastric Sleeve and Cosmetic Surgery


Alberta Patient Success Stories

(10/15/17) 3 years and a few months ago I had surgery at MBC with Dr. Venezuela. Thank you MBC for saving my life and giving me a second chance!


Benj from Alberta


Edmonton Patient Success Stories

Former MBC patient with Dr. Valenzuela

Mexico Bariatric Center has been providing education and services to Canadians to battle obesity and obesity-related diseases since 2012. MBC has changed lives of hundreds of patients and has given them a chance for a new beginning. Seminar in Edmonton, Alberta was held on 8/27/2016 when CEO Ron Elli, Ph.D. and bariatric surgeon, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela traveled to Edmonton and shared all about bariatric surgery.

Former Edmontonian patients showed up in large numbers and showed an overwhelming support for MBC informational bariatric seminar. Below are various patient success stories that were filmed at our Edmonton, Alberta seminar. Patients sharing their experience is instrumental to participants looking to get surgery with MBC in Mexico. MBC loyal patients drive hours to come and support the seminars in the U.S. as well as Canada.

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More Testimonials

A Canadian who has undergone gastric sleeve at MBC by Dr. Lousiana Valenzuela. She highly recommends going here in view of great staff. She aforementioned about the post-op diet like broth and liquid juice. She is extremely happy about the “time factor.” I would recommend doing here of some where in Canada because of time measuring. In Canada you wait for three years here I booked in three weeks and I feel amazing doing it. Read on!

I came from Newfoundland, Canada to MBC for vertical gastrectomy. I had a wonderful experience with the center. I wish I had done it earlier. The staffs, doctors are excellent and the treatment is amazing.I would recommend this center to anybody.

Post Bariatric Surgery Success can be enhanced by following rules below (the first 6 months to a year after surgery is crucial):